Satellite Data Research Infrastructure Center - CIBDS          

The entity responsible: Wrocław University of Environmental and Life Sciences (WUELS)

Centre for Satellite Data (CIBDS) is to provide mining-related subsidence maps based on InSAR data, and to conduct risk analysis based on the integration of data obtained from multi-band sensors. Frequently updated deformation models will be provided as the products of the processing and integration of satellite radar images obtained from sensors with various temporal and spatial resolutions. The purpose is to use the advantages of a broader radar spectrum, from short, x-band microwaves, through the common C-band, to data acquired using long, L-band waves. This will make it possible to eliminate the limitations that occur during the analysis of images obtained within the individual bands of the radar beam. The most recent satellite missions will be used, including those that are to be launched in the coming years. The missions include the microsatellites of the ICEYE constellation, operating in the X band, as well as the NISAR mission, which is to involve the use of L-band signals, and whose launch is planned for the year 2021. The infrastructure will also use the integrated X/L-band data of the SIASGE system, whose first satellite was launched in 2018, whereas the next one was brought to orbit in mid-2020.
The products obtained from the analyses will be used as the primary basis for mining-related deformation forecasting. Regularly obtained data will be archived in the catalogue of deformation activity. A continuously updated analysis concerning the occurrence of high-risk deformations in the reviewed area will be conducted using artificial intelligence. The purpose of this analysis will be to improve the deformation modelling parameters. The result of this will be the creation of a system for forecasting the rate of surface deformations and potential seismic events.

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