Analytical Laboratories Research Infrastructure Center - CIBAL     

The entity responsible: Institute of Geophysics PAS (IG PAS) Department of Magnetism

Entities implementing: Institute of Geophysics PAS (IG PAS), Institute of Geological Sciences PAS (IGS PAS)

The purpose of the task is to expand the potential of the palaeomagnetic and environmental testing laboratory (IGF PAN) by supplementing it with the features of a field laboratory. Integration of the infrastructure will be based on combining the capabilities of the field laboratory with the CIBAL centre and with another IGF PAN research infrastructure. The newly added field laboratory features will be used in areas that exhibit anthropogenic contamination in southern Poland and in Pomerania.
At the same time, the purpose of the task is to expand the scope of CIB’s activities through the integration with ING PAN. Because of this, it is necessary to replace the obsolete measurement apparatus and expand the basic research framework within the scope of isotopic and chemical composition testing using conventional techniques, particularly in situ methods (using laser ablation) in high spatial resolution. New technologies that have appeared on the commercial market in recent years have elevated isotopic testing to an all new level thanks to the use of collision chambers and tandem mass spectrometers in the ICP-MS system as well as the application of new types of electronics. The existing laboratory does not possess any of these solutions, which weakens its competitiveness in terms of testing compared to other laboratories around the world. Given the lack of the proposed apparatus, progress in earth science is not just limited – it is practically halted. Acquiring the apparatus has fundamental meaning for the future of earth science and related fields.
Improvement and promotion of research conducted by EPOS. Increasing the visibility of EPOS laboratories on a national and global level.
The base will be used internally, on the level of the laboratory, to integrate complementary data obtained using various methods. Furthermore, the base will enhance the documentation of analysis results through the interconnection of the data reduction system with the section of the base responsible for sharing the final results. 

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