Induced Seismicity Research Infrastructure Centre - CIBIS         

The entity responsible: Institute of Geophysics PAS (IG PAS) Department of Seismology

The principle of the Research Infrastructure Centre for Induced Seismicity (CIBIS) is to collect all the available data and information useful from the perspective of research on induced seismicity, and to share this data in a form that would be the most convenient for the purposes of said research. The main features of the existing research infrastructure include the acquisition, collection, conversion and sharing of data. CIBIS is also the primary source of data for the dispersed research infrastructure for induced seismicity, and it operates together with the IS-EPOS platform.
As part of this project, CIBIS will be expanded through the establishment of a mobile observation system for significant seismic events related to the mining activities conducted in Poland. The system is to encompass up to 10 broadband seismic stations installed in the areas of the Legnica-Głogów Copper District, the Upper Silesian Coal Basin, the Bełchatów Coal Basin and the Lublin Coal Basin. The stations will be installed in the following voivodeships: Lower Silesian, Silesian, Opole, Greater Poland, Lesser Poland, Łódź and Lublin. The data from the stations will be constantly transmitted to the data centre at the headquarters of the IGF PAN Seismology Department in Kraków, where it will undergo processing (event parameter calculations). Once this is done, the data will be assigned to the appropriate seismic episode on the IS-EPOS platform.

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